New Zealand Diploma of Wellness and Relaxation Massage (Level 5)

Open the door to a wide range of jobs in professional clinic practice settings, multi-disciplinary clinics, spa based massage therapy clinics, corporate and mobile clinics, and home based therapy clinics through our Diploma in Relaxation and Wellness Massage.

This is a 36 week programme.

Aim of Programme
The aim of this programme is to equip graduates with essential knowledge and skills to perform a range of massage practices safely and effectively in professional clinic practice

Graduates will be able to work within their scope of practice alongside other health practitioners referring on to remedial massage practitioners, allied and medical professionals for more specialised services.

  • Course aim: BMS1
    Equip graduates with knowledge of anatomy and physiological functioning of the human body systems and how they underpin massage therapy practice.
  • Course aim: BMS 2
    Equip graduates with comprehensive knowledge of neuro-musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology,  to provide theoretical and practical foundation for wellness and relaxation massage practice.
  • Course aim: BMS 3
    Equip graduates with the knowledge of systems functions of the human body and how they contribute to wellness and relaxation massage therapies.
  • Course aim: CMS 1
    Equip graduates with the underpinning knowledge of massage therapies including: history, body mechanics, practitioner self-care, principles of massage therapies, stress management, scope of practice, professional code of ethics and professional healthcare practice in the New Zealand context.
  • Course aim: CMS 2
    The aim of this course is to equip graduates with essential knowledge and skills for the application of wellness and relaxation intervention including relaxation massage techniques, specific musculoskeletal techniques, programming for stress and wellness and client education.
  • Course aim: CMS 3
    The aim of this course is to equip graduates with knowledge and skills in movement integration and reflexology. The course requires graduates to be effective in evaluation, reassessment and reflection of treatment plans.
  • Course aim: CP
    The aim of this course is to provide students with essential clinic practice skills and experience in massage therapies, treatment planning, client consultation and follow up procedures.

A graduate of this qualification will be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge of human functioning and apply knowledge to wellness and relaxation massage therapy practise.

This diploma can lead to:
New Zealand Diploma in Remedial Massage (Level 6)
Bachelor of Health Studies (Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy) (Level 7)

Further study can be undertaken in aromascience, reflexology, spa & body therapies.  Further study is required before being able to practice and be employed in remedial massage therapy.

Course Fees:
$6084 for the year.

StudyLink loans and allowances are available if eligible.