Short Courses

Short Courses 

Please check with the Lotus Campus Office regarding short courses and dates

Contact: or   phone  06-876 8818



Introduction to Nutrition

This course provides and introduction to Nutrition. It will be run on 4 consecutive Wednesdays  starting on November 9th . The content will give you some of the basics essentials to start cooking and eating healthier. We will be focusing on whole clean foods that are cost effective and taking a first basic look at nutrients and how they affect health . You will come away with ideas for healthy and affordable breakfast, lunch and evening meals and deserts and yummy recipes to put into practice .

Dates :

  • first date 9th November

Cost $320

Contact: or   phone  06-876 8818


Introduction to Relaxation Massage

In this short, interest course, students will learn the basics of relaxation  massage movements and a simple routine to be able to give family and friends a relaxing hand foot or neck and shoulder massage.

Proposed dates

Wednesday nights 6.00 – 9.00pm

16th Nov, 23rd Nov, 30th Nov, Dec 7th

COST $150

Contact: or   phone  06-876 8818


Introduction to Reflexology

In this short, interest course, students will learn to put together a full reflexology relaxation session.  They will learn the thumb- and finger- walking techniques required to administer reflexology.  Also subjects such as foot pathologies, contraindications, client interviews and the psychology of reading the feet will be covered.  Students will learn relaxing techniques, an endocrine balance and a sequence for lymphatic drainage.  They will have a brief introduction to hand reflexology.


3  x weekends

Saturday 9.30 – 4.00 (half an hour for lunch)

Sunday 9.30 -4.00 (half an hour for lunch)

Total hours = 36


Proposed dates

12th and 13th Nov

10th and 11th of Dec

20th and 21st Jan

Costs : $160 per weekend

 Contact: or   phone  06-876 8818